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ABOUT: This is a special mix of nutrients that have been horticulturalist tested and proven to help young plants in the transition from their nursery containers into the ground or a more permanent container. It ultimately helps give fresh nutrients to old soil.

MISSION: Root Rocket is an effective product that could use more marketing, a revamped logo, and branding development.

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The goal was to combine nature and space in a simplistic manner because of the name. It's rendered as a seal to take advantage of the correlation between a seal’s circular characteristics and the shape of the earth.


A vine in the shape of a ring, like the rings of Saturn, is wrapped around the planet with leaves growing from it. This envokes the brand's planet friendly characteristics.

original logo
logo process sketch
logo process sketch
logo process sketch
logo process sketch


The fertilizer's packaging should reflect that it's natural. A paper bag would enhance the feeling of it being more personal as well as it being good for the environment.

Given that Root Rocket is sold in small quantities and that it has moisture, the fertilizer itself would be in small, portioned ziplocks inside of the paper bag.


Using the plastic bag and label size from their pre-existing packaging, a cleaner, more inviting design was produced. This is an easier transition and saves the small company money.

A new product for Root Rocket to provide is a personalized fertilizer.

root rocket brown bag
root rocket packaging root rocket packaging label
root rocket tote bag


The goal of the poster is to combine the idea of space with the idea of plants growing quickly. A plant is placed inside of an astronaut helmet, to depict it being ready for take off.


The logo is placed at the bottom right with a website for the viewer to go to. The words 'prepare for takeoff' were chosen to further re-emphasize that when this fertilizer is used, it makes plants take off fast like an astronaut in a spaceship.

root rocket poster on brick wall postcard advertisement


This is an example of a promotional postcard that could be mailed to existing customers.


The website is clean and intuitive. Wireframes were drawn out on paper, then high fidelity mockups were made using Sketch.


The mockups were coded in html, css, and vanilla javascript. Basic visual functionality was added.

See Prototype Code on Github