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About: Perennial is an app that allows one to manage, share, get inspired by, and learn about gardening.

The Idea : Looking at my Aloe Vera plant sitting on the windowsill, I thought to myself, "I wish I could see the things that other people who like plants have. There should be a place designated to sharing plants, showing progress, and chatting with others about gardening." I wasn't sure what else would be needed to draw people into using something like this. So my main question was:

What would garden enthusiasts want out of an app?

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Competitor Analysis

The Competitors : I started by doing a competitor analysis. Six competitors were analyzed to find common functionalities that fulfilled user wants.

"GrowIt! Garden Socially" is the most favorable app out of all the competition, but it has a difficult navigation, bad organization, and isn't user friendly.

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Competitor Problems

GrowIt! App Issues: Posting a Picture

app screens from grow it app app screens from grow it app
growit app problems

GrowIt! App Issues Continued

1. Having a top and a bottom nav is overwhelming.

2. Users don't need rewards to be encouraged to post.

3. Sharing your profile isn't a feature often used. It shouldn't have this much hierarchy.

4. The username sticks out and the bio doesn't show.

5. This is essentially the same thing as the Q&A tab on the home page. It isn't important enough to be on the bottom navigation.

6. It would be less digging and taps if the app displayed the user's posts below their info.

7. This navigates the user to personal and followed projects. Personal projects should be with other personal content in the user profile.

Feedback from GrowIt! App

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Steve Yarik : 25
Garden : Vegetable Plants

“I love being able to see what people around me are growing, but why should we put a name if you’re not adding it to the database?”

persona girl

Veronika Marilena : 34
Community Care Worker
Garden : Flowers and Succulents

“I thought I'd be able to chat with other gardeners in my area with this social garding app, but there's no messenger.”

persona woman

Nina Sumiko : 48
Research Assistant
Garden : Tries varieties of breeds

“I have seen many plants that are misnamed and still approved. The concept of the app is good, but the database is horrible.”

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My Approach

Despite the problems, I felt that this app had some great features. But even if it was fixed, it would still be visually unappealing.

So I decided that starting fresh would be a better approach.

perennial loading screen

How Might We

To not be restricted during the creative process, I avoided preconceived answers to users' wants. Here's some ideas I got from this:

  • Reminders would help users keep their plants in mind to achieve better results.
  • Being able to choose who you follow makes for a more catered experience.
  • Making the text casual promotes a welcoming feel.
  • Giving users the option to contribute to picture galleries on plant guides encourages participation.
how might we questions on sticky notes


This shows the user posting a picture, and then looking at it under their profile.

app screens user flow


Color blindness is something I kept in mind while developing this app. It's good practice to keep it in mind considering that around 4.5% of the population is effected by it.

colorblind consideration explored


Perennial was designed for iPhone, but to reach a wider audience it would need to be remapped with new UX conventions for Android users.

iphone and galaxy edge showing app notification

Branding Explored

Creative Objective: The app should be clean, user friendly, and take advantage of nature's beauty through the use of imagery.

Naming: The chosen name is 'Perennial'. Perennials are plants that endure well and grow for a long time. The name is strong, simple, positive, and relevant.


Color Choices: Heavily inspired by soothing vibes and aloe vera plants.

brand color swatch
brand color swatch
brand color swatch
brand color swatch

Logo Process

I wanted the logo to be very clean to match the brand objective, so I used clean shapes to get nice curves. I started with the shape of a flower and then rotated, overlayed, and minimalized it into different variations.


Taking a step back, I felt that the logos failed at targeting the correct audience. Using a new shape, I developed a logo with a rounded, inviting exterior and a floral interior.

paper wireframes aloe vera plant