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Amala Foundation

About: The Amala Foundation unites people from all walks of life and inspires them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity with leadership workshops.

The Problem: Participants and guardians often comment on the long, repetitive registration process. Amala would like to address this issue and also give the people within the foundation a way to communicate more.

Project Brief: Make an app to expedite the registration process and to give users a place to communicate.

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How Might We

Using the problem established and Procter & Gamble's methodology, a set of How Might We questions were formed to encourage more design opportunities. From this, I found that these functions would be helpful:

  • Break the registration up into pieces to make it less intimidating.
  • Store user data to help avoid repetitive entries.
  • Have group chats for the programs to encourage community growth.
  • Utilize the messenger to send out notifications and connect with users.
  • Have multiple opportunities to encourage donations.
  • stickynotes how might we questions

    Focusing on What We Know

    A class interview was held with Solomon Masala, who is in charge of Program Oversight and is a Board Chair for the Amala Foundation. The most important thing to note is that there is a large number of returning users that could use stored data.

    interview data

    Journey Mapping

    Next, the app was mapped out to find efficient flows for the user and to visualize the app layout.

    written map of website written map of website

    Visual Approach

    An aspect that I love about Amala is how down to earth they are. Take one step into the building and you'll feel the love that this place and these people exude.

    This is something I wanted my app to reflect.


    The Amala Foundation was open to new colors and designs because a new website is on their agenda as well. Their logo was to remain the same.

    I found that a clean way to depict the feel of their foundation was by using uneven, more natural edges throughout the app along with welcoming, natural colors.

    blue brand color
    brown brand color
    green brand color
    pink brand color
    app screens in four staggered iphones app screens in stacked displays